Businesses Going Green

Businesses Going Green are the Front-runners in a New Economy

Are You Going To Ride That Wave?

Businesses going green are the new wave of sustainability. I believe that business can lead the way in the quest to reduce our carbon footprint and pollution, and slow the depletion of the planet’s natural resources. If you own or manage a business, then please consider implementing some of the ‘going green’ suggestions on my How Businesses Can Go Green page.

Why Would a Business Want to Go Green?

  • The big number 1 answer is, DEMAND. Our shopping drives the market, and if the market sees a trend towards shopping and demanding green products and business practices, then the supply will follow! If we drive the market consciously toward sustainability, we then become Earth citizens, instead of just consumers (sheep).
  • To save money on the conservation of energy and resources.
  • Create a healthy working environment for employees – less sick days!
  • To incorporate Carbon Neutral status as part of your branding.
  • To attract employees and customers who want to be living green.
  • Attract valuable new green business partnerships – Green is the next BIG thing to sweep the world!

Yes there are businesses going green and some major companies and cooperatives have joined the green revolution.

If you have a business and are thinking that it is about time you were doing something about saving on your electricity bill, providing a healthier workplace for your employees (who wants to be paying out on sick days?), and doing your bit for the environment, then read my article on
How Businesses Can Go Green for suggestions on how you can do this. Really, it needn’t hurt the budget, and can increase profitability.

“People’s desires, needs and wants have radically changed, but corporations have remained distant and indifferent to the true nature of this change. As a result, we have a business environment in which people are chronically disappointed and frustrated by their experiences as consumers and employees. We no longer trust large organizations to serve our needs. On every level, we are experiencing a divisive ‘us vs. them’ mentality. Now, after decades of being forced to put up with the consequences of corporate indifference, individuals and consumers are striking out on their own to blaze new trails in a new approach to consumption that we call the individuation of consumption. They are pointing us toward the next leap forward in wealth creation that we call the support economy.”

Shoshana Zuboff and James Maxmin, Viking, 2002
The Support Economy: Why Corporations Are Failing Individuals and the Next Episode of Capitalism

Of course, the ultimate in going green in business it to start your own green business and work from home!

No fuel usage for getting to and from work every day; lessen car maintenance bills; become a one car household; LESS STRESS and better quality of life.

That is how I live. I work from home, or wherever I am with my laptop and internet connection. I have time to paint, grow my own vegetables, meet my kids and friends for lunch, sit in the sun on a cold winter day, go away for a couple of days mid-week, and keep really living and loving my life!

If this is what you want too, then go to Solo Build It and take a look at how I do it.

I had no idea of how to set up my own website, and now I feel like an expert – well almost 🙂 I am building my dream, finally, and I know you would love to build yours too.

Reduce your carbon footprint and build your own
work from home business now.

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